About me

Na, Sangho

Industrial design major, Faculty of Craft & Design, Seoul National University (B.F.A)

Visual communication design major, Faculty of Craft & Design, Seoul National University (M.F.A)

Senior researcher, Visual information processing Institute, Digitalaria co., ltd.

Now) Director, Seoul electronic design group

Now) Associate professor, Daegu Catholic University


Asia Digital Art Award, Finalist 2004

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association, Christmas seal contest, Gold prize 2005

Asia Digital Art Award, Interactive section, Grand award 2007

KSBDA Katowice International Invitational Exhibition 2017, Grand award


‘Cities on Water’, Korean pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2004
‘Aranya’, group exhibition, samwon s&d A hall, Seoul National University, 2005
‘Software lines’, group exhibition, Wooseok hall, Seoul National University, 2006
‘Tshot 1st’, group exhibition, jameshouse, 2007
‘Tshot 2ndt’, group exhibition, Han river, 2008
‘Dynamic cluster’, Hyundai motors, CES, Seoul motor show , Auto Shanghai 2011
reGENERATION, solo exhibition, Gallery lotus 2011
Tshot 4th, group exhibition, Soomdo gallery 2011
‘A Flexible Impossible Shape’, group exhibition, media pole, Gangnam station 2012
‘Media++’, solo exhibition , CU gallery,  2013
‘Backgrounds+’, solo exhibition, Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center, 2013
‘Design Prism’, group exhibition, KimJongbock gallery, 2015
‘ENDANGERED SPECIES SCULPTURES’, solo exhibition, Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center, 2016
‘Software Lines++’,  solo exhibition, Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center, 2017
‘Software Portrait’,  solo exhibition, Gallery H, 2019


‘ Near Future Computing Device: Modular MC’, Industrial-Academic Research / Samsung Electronics Computer Business Department 2003

'GUI Certification System', Industrial-Academic Research / LG Electronics 2005

'Line Drawing Using Processing', Proceedings / KSDS 2006

‘A Study on optical illusions using computer programming’ / Master's thesis 2007

‘Visual Membrane Patterns on Mobile Mobile’, Industrial-Academic Research / KDRI, Samsung Electronics IT & Mobile Communications 2008

‘ Passport Design Report’, Industrial-Academic Research / KDRI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism